Hermitage Works Studios consists of five rooms for various recording and rehearsal purposes

Slate Room

Used primarily as an overdubbing room, the slate room contains a selection of organs (hammond, vox continental, wurlitzer), an upright piano and a impressive selection of guitar and bass amplifiers. Rehearsal are also available on weeknights in this room.

Cork Room

Primarily used as a drum tracking room; the double height ceilings, echo chamber and cork diffusion feature wall offer a distinctive ambience. Rehearsal are also available on weeknights in this room.

Control Room

Built around a trident 65 console, NS10 monitoring and plenty of quality outboard. This room is primarily used to for tracking

Mix Room

Equipt with two monitoring options, purpose built bass trap and acoustic treatment. This room also houses an array of effects processors, synth, in house vinyl collection and kitchen facilities making it the ultimate mix hang out location.

Breakout Room

Used to track live sessions as well as doubling as a chill out area complete with retro games consoles and netflix.